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If you would like to donate regularly to Cambourne Catholic Church, please download the form below, fill it in, and post it to your bank, or give it to the parish priest after Mass. You may use the details and do it online.


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As a visible organisation of the universal Church and the pilgrim people on the earthly journey, we need your generous contributions to our missions:

​- To carry out the works of evangelisation: catechetical activities for children & youths, training catechists, formation of the laity, aids to churches in developing countries, etc.

​- To support the poor and the needy: local projects for homeless, refugees, contributions to local, national, or international charities, especially those recommended or organised by the Church.

– To help Saint John Fisher Community (Cambourne) to have a stable place for daily worship, catechetical activities, and pastoral care: As a new community, we do not have a church building. For the last two decades, we have had to move from one venue to another. Our young families and children need a stable environment to foster our Faith. While a church building is a long-term project, our immediate need is a house which may be used as a meeting place, catechism classes, a chapel with the Blessed Sacrament for daily Mass and prayers, and a room for the future assistant priest.

– To support our Diocese in administration expenses as well as other activities on diocesan level.

​We rely on your donations, small or big, for the the present activities and our future projects.

​If you would like to leave a legacy in favour of Saint John Fisher Church, please let the parish priest know (Tel: 01223-832397). Your silent gifts are actively lived in the daily life of Mass and prayers by the faithful and the clergy.

Thank you very much for your support.