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New Safeguarding appointment

Mary Mansfield has now been newly appointed to the post as Parish Safeguarding Representative for Cambourne. A poster with Mary’s details will be placed at the back of the church on our notice board, should anyone need to contact her.

In the not too distant future, Mary will be getting in touch with everyone from this parish, who works with children and adults, with a view to arranging DBS checks or having them renewed, so do please cooperate with this.

They Served

The Cathedral is currently putting together an exhibition for both Heritage Open Days in September of this year and for the 100th celebration of the ending of the Great War in November.

We are hoping to feature stories and anecdotes of those who were involved or died during this time of great sorrow and, as a consequence we are appealing to members of the diocese for any information or stories they may have relating to their family ancestors involved in the Great War (WW1) and who lived or worked in what is now the Diocese of East Anglia.

These recollections need not be exclusively of those “on the front” there must be many stories of those who worked in the “home” arena and, again, not necessarily just the men. We are also looking for stories about the women who may have served in the Land Army or as nurses or even in the munitions factories that abounded at that time.

Although many of the exhibitions being planned by others to cover this period are featuring the rich and/or famous we, on the other hand, want to concentrate on those unsung heroes who dedicated themselves selfishly to the war effort without any though of fame or reward, so your family stories would greatly enhance the image of the “ordinary” people who contributed so much.
We would appreciate a short precis of your family story to allow us to evaluate its possible relevance and contribution to the exhibition. If the steering committee feel that your story can be featured in more depth, then we would be in touch with you to follow up the story in more detail. Although we cannot guarantee to feature every story we receive we will ensure that the names of those who died during this war, if notified to us, will be included on a “Role of Honour” we will prepare for the exhibition.

Your help and assistance from all parishes within the Diocese would be very welcome. Stories in the first instance can be submitted to the committee either by post, directly addressed to the Cathedral and marked “FAO The Heritage Open Days Committee”, or by email to:

The Heritage Open Days Committee would like to take this opportunity of thanking you in advance and we look forward to receiving the many stories of you forebears.

Rev. Dcn Patrick Limacher

Children’s tour of OLEM, 20th Feb 2015

We were excited to be asked to have a tour of OLEM during half term and lots of children (and quite a few parents) took up the offer. Father Henry warmly welcomed us into the church, only to rapidly drag us back out again … but only to explain the gargoyles on the Church roof as demonstrating the ‘bad’ of the outside world, compared to the ‘heavenly’ inside of the church, filled with angels. The tour progressed with seeing important parts of the church like the baptismal font, surrounded by stained glass windows of the sacraments. The children imaginations were captured by the gruesome stories of how many saints died – and which way to be killed was considered preferable (not to be hung, drawn and quartered, funnily enough!). The only disappointment of the day was not to find out just how many angels there are in OLEM … so you will have to count for yourself!

We then moved into the church hall where Mel and Loretta had set up lots of craft activities, including the clear favourite of soap carving. There were some beautiful pictures and creations by the end. Energy levels were boosted with hot chocolate – with squirty cream and marshmallows of course, followed by more pizzas than you can count.

Our thanks particularly to Father Henry, Mel and Loretta for such a happy, interesting and fun visit, and also to everyone who chipped in to help. The church hall was cleaner when we left than when we arrived … but that may have had something to do with all those soap shavings!

All Saints’ Party

The all Saints Party on November 1st was fun for everyone who came, and was also a good chance to catch up with friends that you mightn’t see that often. For example, I managed to talk to 2 of my great friends from St Albans Primary School, as we all go to different schools now. Some people Had dressed as saints and others had carved pumpkins for a competition.

We played games like ‘Empire’, where you had to guess who was who in order to win the biggest empire. We all had to choose a saints name, the whole list was read out and people had to guess which one we had chosen. If someone got your name right you joined their ‘empire’. We had everyone from Pope John Paul to St Patrick! My team was close to winning, but we were outsmarted at the last second!

We also played a game called Psychologist, where one person leaves the room. The people left in the room then have to come up with a trigger and a reaction that the ‘psychologist’ has to guess. Our trigger for the first round was, that if the ‘psychologist’ asked a question to anyone without shoes on, the person behind her would have to scare her, which made some great reactions!

We shared a lovely dinner of baked potato, chilli and cheese followed by mini doughnuts off strings, which is actually quite a traditional game, and did make some people look rather silly!

Everyone joined in for a game where you had to pass a balloon up and down a line, but by passing it with your chins, no hands allowed. The secret is to have a smallish balloon! You then had to pass it up and down using over, under, over, under etc. However, the rule of if you drop the balloon you have to start again, was eventually dropped due to team 2’s bad passing skills slowing everybody down!

At the end of the evening, we had a Night Prayer for the Feast of all Saints and sung a hymn, listened to a psalm and a reading. Parents of some of the children, came in and sat down with us all, listening The moment was a good one to contemplate about God, and all his love for us, our friendship and the people who have helped us by example to learn to be closer to Him.

Finally we wrapped up the prayer and each had a yummy mug of hot chocolate.

It was a great evening and a chance to have fun with new friends in the church who go to different Masses and different schools.

Our next event is on the 22nd of November at Comberton Village College where we will join youth from different churches from West Cambridge. This is an evening with live acts from local young people who have auditioned for a competition and also professional acts such as Guvna B  and streetdance companies. My choir “Tensing” took part last year and a member of our group won as a solo artist. See the details on  our Cambourne Catholic Church or OLEM 7UP FB pages.

Hope to see you there!

Seconds Up

Seconds-up is Camborne Catholic Church’s youth group, for ages 11 and over.

We meet approximately once a month after church, usually at someone’s house. Whilst OLEMs youth group, 7-up, has more members, it has been running for longer, and also reaches a wider spread of people as it draws us all from all over the parish of OLEM and its 39 villages.

7-up and Seconds-up are very similar groups, and occasionally do activities together. For example, for the past two years, both groups have gone to Thorpe Park together, which we all enjoyed!

On November 1st we will be having an ‘All Saints Party ‘at OLEM Parish Centre. Dressing up is optional, but it is bound to be a great event.

All members of Seconds-Up always thoroughly enjoy each meeting, which is a chance to not only have fun, but can be a chance to also talk about God to someone of your own age. This is good as we know what it’s like to be a catholic teenager in the current day, and will often have similar experiences.. Another major bonus about the seconds-up meetings is lots of junk food, which was last enjoyed whilst watching Dr Who together. Last week Fr Henry came and joined in with us. We do have healthy food too!!

We sometimes play on a Wii or X-Box, which is helpful to get to know the people at the meeting. One really good thing about seconds-up is that it helps you make many friends of your own religion, which is helpful for school as you know who you can talk to about God. As quite a few teenagers now are choosing to ignore God, it’s important we do have friends who support us, and also to reach people who haven’t yet had a chance to know God. That’s easier done in a group, another way Seconds-up is very useful.

In the past we have watched films such as ‘The Hiding Place’ , had quizzes run by older members, joined 7up for Go Karting, bowling, Go Ape, retreats at Worth Abbey and our annual hot cross bun making and Taize service at OLEM on Good Friday and family summer barbecue.

Through links with youth at Churches Together at Cambourne I have been punting in Cambridge and have a chance to join in even more activities in Cambourne and beyond. We are all going to go to Live and Amped again this year at Comberton Village College-an evening of music and dance with a competition between artists. My choir, Ten-sing  which is based at Histon Baptist Church was one of the acts and one of our singers won as a solo act. We also enjoyed the lively, but moving Joint Service the morning after with all of the churches from West Cambridge. This will be on November 21st this Year so join us!!

Basically the group happens because parents and young people care about their faith and each other. Possibilities for the future are endless. What would you want to do? Come along and tell us. With your help they can happen.


Keep 1st November and 21st November in your diary!!!

Saturday 4th October 2014

We welcomed Father Peter Leeming to church, today. His homily discussed the paired readings from Isaiah and Matthew. The vineyard has been taken from its original tenants and given to us, but we must be vigilant: we must make sure that we are cultivating the vines and returning a rich harvest when the landowner comes to collect his produce.

The community’s Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist were re-commissioned during today’s Mass, and we look forward to serving for another year, both during Mass, and as we take the warmest greetings of the congregation, and the Body of Christ to people too unwell to attend Mass in person.