Welcome to Saint John Fisher Catholic Church

(Address: Cambourne Church Centre, between Jeavons Lane and High Street, Cambridgeshire, CB23 6GW, England)


More and more parishioners feel confident to go back to Mass in- person. We try to keep everybody safe by sanitising our hands, sitting where we like, and wearing a facemask if you need to.

Here are the general Mass times. Please check the weekly Bulletin on the left hand side column for any changes on a particular date.

MONDAY: 12.30pm in the Annexe

TUESDAY: 12.30pm in the Annexe

WEDNESDAY: 12.30pm in the Annexe

THURSDAY: 6.30pm in the Annexe

FRIDAY: 6.30pm in the Main Hall

SATURDAY: 5pm in the Main Hall

SUNDAY: 5pm in the Main Hall