Children’s tour of OLEM, 20th Feb 2015

We were excited to be asked to have a tour of OLEM during half term and lots of children (and quite a few parents) took up the offer. Father Henry warmly welcomed us into the church, only to rapidly drag us back out again … but only to explain the gargoyles on the Church roof as demonstrating the ‘bad’ of the outside world, compared to the ‘heavenly’ inside of the church, filled with angels. The tour progressed with seeing important parts of the church like the baptismal font, surrounded by stained glass windows of the sacraments. The children imaginations were captured by the gruesome stories of how many saints died – and which way to be killed was considered preferable (not to be hung, drawn and quartered, funnily enough!). The only disappointment of the day was not to find out just how many angels there are in OLEM … so you will have to count for yourself!

We then moved into the church hall where Mel and Loretta had set up lots of craft activities, including the clear favourite of soap carving. There were some beautiful pictures and creations by the end. Energy levels were boosted with hot chocolate – with squirty cream and marshmallows of course, followed by more pizzas than you can count.

Our thanks particularly to Father Henry, Mel and Loretta for such a happy, interesting and fun visit, and also to everyone who chipped in to help. The church hall was cleaner when we left than when we arrived … but that may have had something to do with all those soap shavings!

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