All Saints’ Party

The all Saints Party on November 1st was fun for everyone who came, and was also a good chance to catch up with friends that you mightn’t see that often. For example, I managed to talk to 2 of my great friends from St Albans Primary School, as we all go to different schools now. Some people Had dressed as saints and others had carved pumpkins for a competition.

We played games like ‘Empire’, where you had to guess who was who in order to win the biggest empire. We all had to choose a saints name, the whole list was read out and people had to guess which one we had chosen. If someone got your name right you joined their ‘empire’. We had everyone from Pope John Paul to St Patrick! My team was close to winning, but we were outsmarted at the last second!

We also played a game called Psychologist, where one person leaves the room. The people left in the room then have to come up with a trigger and a reaction that the ‘psychologist’ has to guess. Our trigger for the first round was, that if the ‘psychologist’ asked a question to anyone without shoes on, the person behind her would have to scare her, which made some great reactions!

We shared a lovely dinner of baked potato, chilli and cheese followed by mini doughnuts off strings, which is actually quite a traditional game, and did make some people look rather silly!

Everyone joined in for a game where you had to pass a balloon up and down a line, but by passing it with your chins, no hands allowed. The secret is to have a smallish balloon! You then had to pass it up and down using over, under, over, under etc. However, the rule of if you drop the balloon you have to start again, was eventually dropped due to team 2’s bad passing skills slowing everybody down!

At the end of the evening, we had a Night Prayer for the Feast of all Saints and sung a hymn, listened to a psalm and a reading. Parents of some of the children, came in and sat down with us all, listening The moment was a good one to contemplate about God, and all his love for us, our friendship and the people who have helped us by example to learn to be closer to Him.

Finally we wrapped up the prayer and each had a yummy mug of hot chocolate.

It was a great evening and a chance to have fun with new friends in the church who go to different Masses and different schools.

Our next event is on the 22nd of November at Comberton Village College where we will join youth from different churches from West Cambridge. This is an evening with live acts from local young people who have auditioned for a competition and also professional acts such as Guvna B  and streetdance companies. My choir “Tensing” took part last year and a member of our group won as a solo artist. See the details on  our Cambourne Catholic Church or OLEM 7UP FB pages.

Hope to see you there!

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