New Safeguarding appointment

Mary Mansfield has now been newly appointed to the post as Parish Safeguarding Representative for Cambourne. A poster with Mary’s details will be placed at the back of the church on our notice board, should anyone need to contact her.

In the not too distant future, Mary will be getting in touch with everyone from this parish, who works with children and adults, with a view to arranging DBS checks or having them renewed, so do please cooperate with this.

They Served

The Cathedral is currently putting together an exhibition for both Heritage Open Days in September of this year and for the 100th celebration of the ending of the Great War in November.

We are hoping to feature stories and anecdotes of those who were involved or died during this time of great sorrow and, as a consequence we are appealing to members of the diocese for any information or stories they may have relating to their family ancestors involved in the Great War (WW1) and who lived or worked in what is now the Diocese of East Anglia.

These recollections need not be exclusively of those “on the front” there must be many stories of those who worked in the “home” arena and, again, not necessarily just the men. We are also looking for stories about the women who may have served in the Land Army or as nurses or even in the munitions factories that abounded at that time.

Although many of the exhibitions being planned by others to cover this period are featuring the rich and/or famous we, on the other hand, want to concentrate on those unsung heroes who dedicated themselves selfishly to the war effort without any though of fame or reward, so your family stories would greatly enhance the image of the “ordinary” people who contributed so much.
We would appreciate a short precis of your family story to allow us to evaluate its possible relevance and contribution to the exhibition. If the steering committee feel that your story can be featured in more depth, then we would be in touch with you to follow up the story in more detail. Although we cannot guarantee to feature every story we receive we will ensure that the names of those who died during this war, if notified to us, will be included on a “Role of Honour” we will prepare for the exhibition.

Your help and assistance from all parishes within the Diocese would be very welcome. Stories in the first instance can be submitted to the committee either by post, directly addressed to the Cathedral and marked “FAO The Heritage Open Days Committee”, or by email to:

The Heritage Open Days Committee would like to take this opportunity of thanking you in advance and we look forward to receiving the many stories of you forebears.

Rev. Dcn Patrick Limacher