31st October blessing, adoration and bring-and-share

On Friday 31st October, in the Ark, at 8pm, we will be blessing our new statue of Our Lady of Walsingham, Eucharistic Adoration, and concluding the Month of the Rosary by saying the rosary together.  After this, there will be a bring-and-share meal, with the usual quantity of fine chat and good friendship.

Do come along.

God of all time

Like so many of my private prayer resources, this one does not come with an author credit.  It is based upon Psalm 139.

God of all time,

I believe that my past, present and future are in your hands.


God of all places,

I believe that there is nowhere I may go where you are not there before me.


God of all life,

I believe that the vastest movements of the cosmos and the most intimate thoughts of the human heart are both of concern to you.


God of all experience,

I believe that the heights and depths of human aspiration and anguish are known alike to you.


Help me to find my voice and to sing my song:

in the time that you have given me

in the places that I find myself

in the life that is mine to live.


Just in the act of sitting

receptive and still-

Just in the desiring to pray-

Is the moment of grace.

Just in the small attention given to letting go

Is the dying itself.

For God delights in my desiring

and is content with my restlessness.

God sits

with my nothing

gently loving me in it all.

Daily awareness exercise

This is an exercise in the Jesuit tradition.  It aims to open our eyes to the working of God in all things, at all times during the day.  My paper copy does not have an author credit, but I can share the text with you here.

I come before my God, who looks upon me with love…

I ask to see the most important moments of the day…


I let the day unfold before me in my imagination, letting the times that meant most arise for me naturally…

When have I felt most joy?  Or when have I felt most loving or most loved?  When have I felt faith, or hope, or peace?  Or just felt most alive?

Were there moments of sadness?  Of bitterness?  Of feeling lost?  Or un-free, dishonest or fearful?

For the happy times, I give God thanks.  For the sad or loveless times, I ask for healing and forgiveness.

In all that happened, God was with me and grace was available to me.

I ask for an awareness of God’s loving presence in my life tomorrow.

Seconds Up

Seconds-up is Camborne Catholic Church’s youth group, for ages 11 and over.

We meet approximately once a month after church, usually at someone’s house. Whilst OLEMs youth group, 7-up, has more members, it has been running for longer, and also reaches a wider spread of people as it draws us all from all over the parish of OLEM and its 39 villages.

7-up and Seconds-up are very similar groups, and occasionally do activities together. For example, for the past two years, both groups have gone to Thorpe Park together, which we all enjoyed!

On November 1st we will be having an ‘All Saints Party ‘at OLEM Parish Centre. Dressing up is optional, but it is bound to be a great event.

All members of Seconds-Up always thoroughly enjoy each meeting, which is a chance to not only have fun, but can be a chance to also talk about God to someone of your own age. This is good as we know what it’s like to be a catholic teenager in the current day, and will often have similar experiences.. Another major bonus about the seconds-up meetings is lots of junk food, which was last enjoyed whilst watching Dr Who together. Last week Fr Henry came and joined in with us. We do have healthy food too!!

We sometimes play on a Wii or X-Box, which is helpful to get to know the people at the meeting. One really good thing about seconds-up is that it helps you make many friends of your own religion, which is helpful for school as you know who you can talk to about God. As quite a few teenagers now are choosing to ignore God, it’s important we do have friends who support us, and also to reach people who haven’t yet had a chance to know God. That’s easier done in a group, another way Seconds-up is very useful.

In the past we have watched films such as ‘The Hiding Place’ , had quizzes run by older members, joined 7up for Go Karting, bowling, Go Ape, retreats at Worth Abbey and our annual hot cross bun making and Taize service at OLEM on Good Friday and family summer barbecue.

Through links with youth at Churches Together at Cambourne I have been punting in Cambridge and have a chance to join in even more activities in Cambourne and beyond. We are all going to go to Live and Amped again this year at Comberton Village College-an evening of music and dance with a competition between artists. My choir, Ten-sing  which is based at Histon Baptist Church was one of the acts and one of our singers won as a solo act. We also enjoyed the lively, but moving Joint Service the morning after with all of the churches from West Cambridge. This will be on November 21st this Year so join us!!

Basically the group happens because parents and young people care about their faith and each other. Possibilities for the future are endless. What would you want to do? Come along and tell us. With your help they can happen.


Keep 1st November and 21st November in your diary!!!

Indian Orthodox Church – food festival 11/10/14

This just in from Susan Suku and Lissamma Tity of the Indian Orthodox Church, who meet at the Church in Cambourne too:

Good Morning, We are delighted to announce that we are conducting a Food Festival with varieties of home made traditional Indian dishes on Saturday the 11th October at 11:00 am to 1:30pm.

The Venue will be at Cambourne Church Centre.

This is an opportunity for you to be free at home without preparing a lunch. So come along and be our clientele.

This year the food festival is going to be bigger and better than ever with lots and lots of wonderful traditional Indian dishes which include Chicken biriyani, Kappa biriyani, Cutlet, Fish Curry, Beef Fry and many more.

The money that we raise from this Food Festival will be used for the Church renovation at Papworth.

Please could I request you to come and enjoy a great feast at your home. It is only through your support that we are able to make this event a great success.

Thank you for supporting us in the past. We couldn’t do it without you.

Kind Regards, Susan Suku / Lissamma Tity


Please do come along and enjoy excellent food and company.