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God of all time

Like so many of my private prayer resources, this one does not come with an author credit.  It is based upon Psalm 139.

God of all time,

I believe that my past, present and future are in your hands.


God of all places,

I believe that there is nowhere I may go where you are not there before me.


God of all life,

I believe that the vastest movements of the cosmos and the most intimate thoughts of the human heart are both of concern to you.


God of all experience,

I believe that the heights and depths of human aspiration and anguish are known alike to you.


Help me to find my voice and to sing my song:

in the time that you have given me

in the places that I find myself

in the life that is mine to live.


Just in the act of sitting

receptive and still-

Just in the desiring to pray-

Is the moment of grace.

Just in the small attention given to letting go

Is the dying itself.

For God delights in my desiring

and is content with my restlessness.

God sits

with my nothing

gently loving me in it all.

Daily awareness exercise

This is an exercise in the Jesuit tradition.  It aims to open our eyes to the working of God in all things, at all times during the day.  My paper copy does not have an author credit, but I can share the text with you here.

I come before my God, who looks upon me with love…

I ask to see the most important moments of the day…


I let the day unfold before me in my imagination, letting the times that meant most arise for me naturally…

When have I felt most joy?  Or when have I felt most loving or most loved?  When have I felt faith, or hope, or peace?  Or just felt most alive?

Were there moments of sadness?  Of bitterness?  Of feeling lost?  Or un-free, dishonest or fearful?

For the happy times, I give God thanks.  For the sad or loveless times, I ask for healing and forgiveness.

In all that happened, God was with me and grace was available to me.

I ask for an awareness of God’s loving presence in my life tomorrow.